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Does anyone want to go to my work party with me tonight? 6pm-8pm at the NYT building in midtown. Kinda fancy dress, but not super fancy. I mean, you could def. wear nice jeans and be fine, though lots of folks will be more dressed up than that.

I know it's last minute. But maybe somebody is bored and wants free food and open bar at the new, fancy NYT?



Feb. 7th, 2008 01:09 am
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This article gave me the creeps: NYT Health Article on Diabetes

Mostly because apparently seriously lowering the blood sugar of diabetes patients in the study made most of the DIE, but they talk about it as "death rate" instead of, wow! we totally killed these folks. I'm sure they signed a release to be part of the study, but I'd also imagine that they probably didn't think they were signing up to die. It also sounds completely hellish (I guess many studies are)--having to take SO MUCH insulin (or have a pump, which I think of as pretty intense) and probably monitor diet more tightly than, oh, anyone.

I was creeped out, anyway. Yuck.
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I just saw this blog postabout a bill introduced in Mississippi that would allow restaurants to refuse service to folks with a BMI over 30.

You'd maybe hope that this was one of those things like the judge who sued God because he was annoyed with all the frivilous lawsuits he kept seeing, but it's not. It's an actual bill that someone (a former pharma rep--what a shock) introduced to Mississippi legislature.

It's highly unlikely that it will pass, but OH MY FUCKING GOD. I don't actually have words, because I am just completely stunned that someone was able to sit down and write this...and get other law making people to support it. Sick. Sick. Sick.

holy shit

Jan. 28th, 2008 01:13 pm
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from astrobarry:

TAURUS (April 20-May 20): A young chick inside her egg sees nothing more of the world than what's bounded within the shell. She may have no clue why, on a primal level, she starts to rap her tiny chicken feet against the walls that suddenly seem to be closing in on her. (Or is it that she's merely grown too large to remain docile?) At the first crack of calcified protein failing to hold her upstart lurches, a brilliant light pours into her previously pitch-dark eggy capsule. 'From where does this magnificence come? And what does it mean? What force causes it to shine so bright, and who controls it? How far away am I from being able to touch its pure beam, and what must I do to get there?' Previously limited to one corral of existence, the chick's entire worldview is abruptly enlarged by this one life-altering kick. And from there, she finds more questions than answers… but really juicy ones that stimulate her imaginative ponderings on the universe, questions that she could happily spend her entire life seeking to better understand. Can you see that crack, Taurus? Or haven't you kicked hard enough yet? Because once you finally acknowledge how much more is out there than what you previously played to, no single stumble is too big a deal… no impulsive 'error' (causing you to miss a bill or forget a meeting) worth overreacting over, in light of the overall majesty of what's happening. Stay loose, and don't you dare abandon those inklings of a newly free-spirited outlook. Only problem is, I guess it turns out, up 'til now, you've been somewhat shortsighted after all.

Poke poke. Kick kick. Yeah.
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+Excellent brunch and awesome conversation: I feel good. I am making some great choices. I can do this. And I will be here for the whole thing. Yes I will.

+Chefie is back! He is my greatest protector. If it were up to him, all the people who hurt me would get the mega smackdown.




L Word

Jan. 26th, 2008 07:37 pm
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OK, I am watching this season of L Word on YouTube. And finally, at long last, I feel ok about it.

It's finally hit the point of campiness/over the top stereotype where I'm not pulling my hair out over the infuriatingly bad writing, characters, and politics.

The theme song still makes me wanna vom, though.

ETA: Oh, I spoke too soon. What with the sexy lady prisoners and the whole "so and so was a gold star butch les til she started taking T and turned into a gay man" stuff. Oy vey.
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Draglet was getting rid of some VHS. Including Funny Girl.

Oh Barbra. I love you. You will bring me great happiness each time I see you turn around in that glorious gown with your stomach stuffed with pillows. Also I will experience much joy at the way that you're always filmed with that glowy haze around you--vaseline on the lense? what is it?! you look so dreamy--that I have loved since I first laid eyes on you as a child.

I am a homosexual, and I love Barbra Streisand. Yea, verily.


Jan. 14th, 2008 05:41 pm
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Currently looking at Rainbow Grocery application, talking to Robyn and thinking about how much I want to move to San Francisco. Enough that I had the thought of selling everything next week and finding a way to fly out there actually doesn't sound so scary or terrible.

Enough that I just said: I am excited for a new city.



Jan. 13th, 2008 08:44 pm
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To Do:

A comparison of an episode of "Extreme Home Makeover" and some porn.

My viewings tell me that the structure is really similar. Bad plot. An unbelievable situation into which a person/group of people stumbles to make things (sex or a home, depending) happen. The money shot/reveal. Lots of screaming and acting/reacting.

Porn for the middle class conservative folks out there for whom conventional porn is too crazybad.


Jan. 7th, 2008 05:43 pm
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I am bartending at Sugarland tonight. Come sing a song (it's karaoke) and have a laugh and maybe buy a drink.

Good times.


(Sugarland = N 9th St. between Driggs and Roebling, only a short walk from the L! Yay!)
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(Six things that make me happy)

1. My friends here in this city. They are loving and beautiful, and serve as constant reminders that there is so much possibility in a life lived whole-heartedly.

2. Cooking. Winter sends me to the kitchen with reckless abandon. I didn't realize I had missed making soup, but apparently I have. And nothing feels as good as stirring a pot brimming with vegetables in a rich broth and knowing that I have infused it with love. It nourishes me, it nourishes those I feed, and it makes my soul glow.

3. The Bee. That she wants to take up challenges and works so hard on herself, and expects those around her to show up and work too. That's good, and good for me.

4. Green and pink. Two colors, many shades: in combination, the perfect soul tonic for my little heart.

5. In the current weather, days with clear blue skies bouy me. They remind me that the sun will be warm again, and that even when it's not warm there's just enough beauty to keep the world going.

6. And a silly one: the skins on iGoogle. My heart does a little skip when I click into the web and see a tiger eating watermelon with a hedgehog friend, or watch a family of raccoons carving pumpkins. It doesn't take much, really.
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Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] tofuti_cutie for posting this:


It's fun, with the extra added goodness of donating foods to the food needin' folks of the world. I mean it's not going to sub in for volunteering at your local feed the hungry place, but...it is right there on the internet. So clickie clickie.
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Today there's a "Diabetes Education" Fair in the atrium at the college. I went down because there were bowls of apples, and because I like checking out pamphlets.

Within seconds, a woman descended upon my co-worker and I, trying to give us flyers about what a "healthy plate" looks like and saying that being overweight is a cause of diabetes.

I snapped my head toward her and said, wouldn't you say it's more eating the Standard American Diet, which can lead to being overweight, rather than one's weight itself that might correlate with diabetes? She kinda hedged around me, saying well sorta kinda but also you will totally get diabetes, fatty. And then she asked if I wanted to weigh myself.

Hmm, let me think...NO.

So I strolled to the other tables, all of which had the exact same information. Except then I got to one that had a huge BMI chart. I turned to my co-worker and said, UGH BMI is such horseshit.

To which one of the Fair workers replied, would you like to know your BMI? I answered back, No, actually I think BMI is total crap. I have, since I was a child, been in the "obese" range for BMI. It doesn't take into account muscle or bone mass, frame, weight distribution or actual percentage of body fat. Also I basically think that any "one size fits all" chart is completely useless for most people. So I actually have no interest in a BMI chart. But thanks.

And, since it is Diabetes Education Day or whatever, just FYI: A balanced diet, with snacks that don't spike your blood sugar (a good example would be a mix of almonds/mostly unsalted nuts, dried fruit like raisins, and just a bit of chocolate pieces mixed in for flavor) minus sugary drinks is a really good start in lowering your chance of developing diabetes. A bit of exercise (even taking a bit of a long walk, like to the next train stop down) can be great too. But seriously, fat does not equal diabetic. NOT AT ALL.
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A roach has been spotted. Or more than A roach. I mean, you see one, you see 20. Or 100. Or however the fuck many decide to set up shop in your building. It's a roachy time of year, winter. Too cold to stay outside, and ever so toasty in buildings where the heat gets turned on and keeps your exoskeleton nice and warm.

I am not a roach fan (though I do a mean impression), but the other half of the Vitamin B Complex is a downright scaredy hater. Unfortunately, I cannot tolerate the Raid that accompanies such feelings, so I decided to look into alternative methods of roach control.

I plan on letting the whole world know if this shit works. So let me tell you all about it.

I purchased an Hedge Apple or "Osage Orange" at the market on Saturday. Apparently these things repel not only roaches, but also spiders and mice. They all hate the weird, almost citrusy but not quite smell, and apparently eating even a little bit with make them (or you) sick. But the oil on the peel won't hurt anyone. I laid one down on some foil under the table/next to the fridge, and I am TOTES getting another next week that I can put in our kitchen cabinet.

The other thing I am trying--and this shit is BANANAS, y'all--is catnip. CATNIP! Apparently roaches hate the active chemical? Mice may hate it too, but I can't tell.

Anyway, I just made some particularly strong catnip tea and sprayed it all around the kitchen: the baseboards, the cabinets (inside, where there's food & outside), behind and around the door and the fridge, pretty much anywhere roaches might think is fun and exciting.

Because I enjoy anthropomorphizing animals, I imagine Mr. Roach coming home to his partner and saying, "Jesus, it stinks in here! What happened? Did Uncle Herb die or something?" And that partner saying, "No, sweetie, but that weird girl who hates the chemical spray was spritzing something like crazy earlier...and she put down this weird bumpy thing by the cold box that stinks to high heaven! Maybe we should think about finally making that move?" "To 3C?" Mr. Roach replies. "I've been thinking the same thing...that kid's stale macaroni art is a million times better than this."

And then they leave.

The END.
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Please go listen:

Jill Sobule wrote a song about "Slut-O-Ween" costumes.

I love her. And even if you hate her, I have to say you'll probably appreciate this song.


Oct. 17th, 2007 04:30 pm
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Haircut tomorrow! I am excited. My hair is starting to annoy the fuck out of me.
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I heart the internets. Every day, my iGoogle brings me the headlines from Gawker, Gothamist, NYT, BBC, and Jezebel. Every day, I find myself clicking through and being entertained, enraged, annoyed and giggly (not all at once) by each site at least once a day. It definitely adds up in the end. On a bad day (good day?) I have probably spent half of my time clicking through Jezebel's take on the latest issue of Cosmo or what have you.

But lately I have been consistently MORE impressed than usual. Maybe it's because I am more bored than usual, or because I have really been trying to be Capt. Focus at work. Probably it's the boredom. Anyway!

I just read a few things worth sharing. Such as:

Her Depot and Gray Rape )

I know I didn't do it justice. So go check out the following:

Maybe you can feel as good about wasting company time as I do.
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I got an email from my supervisor that had a LOLspeak typo in it, so I promptly forwarded it to REL (with some LOLditions). Which started us on the following exchange:

REL: LOLadminass't!
Me: ceiling boss is watching you email.
REL: i can has coffee break?
Me: i can has paid vacation?
or maybe
i made you a copy but i ated it.
REL: invisible lunch hour!
Me: invisible respect.
REL: i can has unemployment?

I left it there, but I wanted to say, for all LJ friends to hear, that REL is fabulous and lovely. All ecks and oh and whatnot.
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(That's [profile] dhmcginnis to everyone else. But he'll always be Danimal to me.)
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