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With the help of Sweetie Burkle, I got all my shit out of the house and into the van and then over to greyhound today. I should have gotten up earlier than I did, and I should also be sleeping now. Alas, I did not spend my time all that well for the rest of the day, and so it's time to clean up my room and finish packing my bags for NYC.

It's not all that hard, the stuff I need to do, but I have really been avoiding it. First by sitting on the steps and reading for 20 minutes when I got home (in my defense, not eating since 11am and then running around all day will TOTALLY give you just cause to collapse on the stairs when you get home), then by watching gretchen phillips videos on youtube until it was time for battlestar. And finally by practicing the uke for my little spot at gayety.

Don't worry, I ate something in there too.

But really I just need to get cracking on the rest of my room. 30 minutes and it will be done. Bingo Bango.

And then tomorrow morning (oh, i mean in a few hours) I will go to the airport and I won't live here anymore.

Have I mentioned that I won't miss this city at all? I mean, I'll miss it more than NYC, mostly for the great weather. And I'll miss my good friends here, and my job. But not the actual place. I haven't pined for any place yet, wherever I've lived. Landing in a plane always has the sense of "ugh, home?" for me. Not that wistful joy some people talk about.

It's always people for me.

Anyway. Speaking of people. NYC people. Please call or email or something. I wanna see you! I really do :)
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