Mar. 20th, 2008

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But I, too, am supporting and passing along this strike thing. Livejournal is dead to me for 24 hours--no reading, no posting, nothing.

I honestly hadn't heard anything about these changes until someone on my friend list made a post about the strike yesterday. And then I went and read the news posts and left feeling less than informed. I have totally seen this type of bullshit before and it is ANNOYING and stupid and frustrating and ridiculous and, probably most of all, disempowering to the community of users.

So, STRIKE! Here's information:

The one-day content strike is on for this Friday, March 21, from midnight GMT to midnight GMT.

For 24 hours, we will not post or comment to LJ. Not in our own journals, not in communities. Not publicly, privately, or under friends-lock.

Why? Because the new owners of LJ said they were going to listen to a user driven advisory board before making any changes, and didn't. They instead tried to take away all GLBT related interest groups, and were about to take away all free, ad free accounts as well and make LJ paid. Basic/free users help drive this site! And paid or not, our interests should not be dictated to us.

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I'd like to add to (as some of my friends have) that it makes sense not to read journals either. It makes a difference, financially, I think.


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