Mar. 1st, 2008

cheap eats

Mar. 1st, 2008 10:50 pm
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It is entirely possible to eat well in NY for under $10. Even better: You can probably do it for $5. And snacks can happen for $2 or less and be pretty decent eats.

Case in point: Downtown Bakery on 1st Ave. OH. MY. GOD. Some killer Mexican food. Killer! Their burritos are not Mission style, but seeing as how we're not in SF, that really doesn't bother me. The ingredients are fresh and the peppers and onions have that slight grill char that means they were actually cooked before being heaped into your veggie burrito. They are also extremely vegetarian and vegan friendly--the guy taking my order even told me that the mole was made with chicken broth instead of just letting me order it without mention. That burrito, which I couldn't finish in a sitting, was motherfucking $8. With tax and tip.

See also: Pukk--vegetarian thai just a few doors down from Mexican Bakery. They have a $6 lunch special that will fill your belly, and their entrees range from $7-9 at dinner. So basically you can go in, get mock duck red curry with brown rice, and leave only $9 poorer (that's plus tax and tip, in my head). They also have some killer soups for $3, and a few pretty sizeable salads for $5.

And then there are the tiny Indian spots, with samosas and a few other things for just about $2. Punjabi on Houston and the Dosa Guy in Washington Square.

Falafel is a mainstay. Where can you NOT get decent falafel around here? (OK, lots of places. But whatever.)

I ate delivery from Mexican Bakery tonight, and it reminded me that I've been dying to write up the delicious and affordable spots that abound in this overpriced town. I have always thought that this sort of show would be much more helpful than Rachael Ray's "$40 A Day." I mean really? A DAY? Only if FoodTV is paying.


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